“Lucky” Lens Black / white cloth

Sale price$ 950.00


Life is a human risk.

  • High quality lens
  • 100% acetate
  • Polarized Mica
  • UV protection

Our lenses are made of 100% acetate, a durable and resistant material that guarantees a long life. The premium quality of the acetate adds a touch of sophistication, making each pair unique and full of personality.

Our lenses incorporate advanced polarization technology, giving you sharp and clear vision that will reduce eye fatigue. But not only that, they are also equipped with UV protection, so you can enjoy sunny days with complete peace of mind, knowing that your eyes are protected.

Each of our lenses comes with a hard case and protective case. You won't have to worry about scratches or accidental damage. You can take your glasses everywhere, enjoying every moment without worrying about their care.


  • Hard case
  • Protective case


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